NAIL THAT CATFISH, bottled at the source

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"Nail That Catfish to the Tree" is a fiddle tune i wrote a long time ago and people seem to like to play it. The first recording of it was by the band the "Volo Bogtrotters", on our first release.  Since then, many bands have recorded it, and I have made tens of dollars on royalties.  As you can see, there are T-shirts available, with my art, and I recently got more made.
If you would like to have one, go HERE.  
If you would like to record the tune on an album which you are selling, there is a standard royalty rate (maybe 9 cents per copy these days) and I am a working musician and can surely use it. Contact me at trainwatcher2  AT  yahoo DOT com (insert @ and . where needed).
Many slight variations on the melody are played. Often, people ask me how it sounds as I wrote it, and especially what exactly are the chords in the beginning of the second part.  I have made this page for a source recording for hearing the melody and subtle bowing things that i play but barely understand how i do it.  I'd appreciate any feedback on whether it sounds okay and is helpful in any way.
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Nail That Catfish
key of G
Played fast   MP3
Played medium  MP3
Part A slow MP3
Part B slow MP3

A]]    G / / /  D / / /  G / / /  D / G /    :[[

B]]    C / / /  D / / /  C / / /  D / G /    :[[

the pickup note for the 2nd part is an open D.
in the beginning of the B part, the double stops are

note that the B2 has a different ending than the B1.
not sure what else to say. feel free to ask.

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