AUGUST 2018 i am going to print more "nail that catfish" shirts.
colors will be a tan/khaki, a moss/greenish and a purpley/lilacish.

they will be $21 each S, M, L, XL.(add $2 (my cost) for each X added...2X $23, 3X $25, 4X $27 etc.)

$5.50 each shipping. (write me about shipping to other countries, and flat rate boxes for large orders (usps 13.60 medium, 18.90 large)). I weighed a few sizes at the post office and first class is $4.60 to $6 with an additional 4-5 for the second shirt, approx. 11.85 for 2, so 5.50 seems a good average per shirt and packaging, plus i pay fees for paypal.

IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND CAN PRE-ORDER, PLEASE DO! I am am living low on the hog so pre-orders will help a lot when putting in the order with a big deposit. thank you. EMAIL ME at
trainwatcher2     (at)
with further questions.
or, if you're ready, paypal to that email address.
When you order, include postage and precise instructions on size and color. i will print shirts in late august or early september.

Image of catfish2.jpg