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for Steve Rosen, The Combine, Volo Bogtrotters, Whiskey Hollow Bluegrass Band, and any thing else I might be involved in. But first let me apologize for how bad I am at updating this page! slightly updated July, 2021
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Myself and Barbie Silverman play together occasionally. check us out at www.silverbeammusic.com

teaching fiddle and and banjo www.oldtownschool.org

very few catfish shirts left. info

Barndances where I might be sighted with an instrument in my hand...check the calendar. If you want to see band personel to see who might be playing, click the events calendars, the "special events"
Barn Dance Calendar

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Whiskey Hollow Bluegrass Band plays here and there, now and then. call or write if you need us for any event!
the combine relaxes

VOLO BOGTROTTERS at the MBOTMA festival August 5 - 8, 2021 • El Rancho Mañana, Richmond, MN. https://www.minnesotabluegrass.org/mn-bluegrass-festival MBOTMA website

the Combine   We play for dances, dance weekends, festivals all over the country.  Uh....nothing to report right now.

Knock Knock Hoosier  Me and Fred, plus Lynn Frederick and Beth Braden from the Red Mules, Americas third choice stringband. Hire us!
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A few videos of various musical concerns of mine.  go to my Inneryoutube    !

my newest band....Soy un gigante en México!

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