Steves Railroad Picture Gallery

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Freight train in Czechslovakia, 1988

Czech commuter train, 1988

Another Czech freight train, 1988

Passenger train in Bourg St. Marie, France, 1996

Freight train in Narbonne, France, 1996

Wee little freight train in Quillan, France, 1996

B&OCT transfer job making a delivery to the Santa Fe, on the wye at Ash Street Tower, Chicago. A BIG picture

Westbound Illinois Central Gulf train #CC-1, at Belt Tower, Chicago. BIG picture.

Rock Island, late 70s, near LaSalle, IL

CSX at Cumberland, MD, mid 80s

SCL street running, Tampa, FL, late 70s

View from the "Capitol", somewhere in Maryland, early 80s

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