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Aren't they cute? I mean, in a guy way where I can cuddle up with my cat but do manly things the rest of the day?

Sweet Pea (left) died last winter after 18 years.  A memorial
at the bottom of the page.
On the right is Grace, a wonderful cat that died after 17 years.  They owned me since they were kittens and i miss them.
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Me, in my youth, holding one of the many lax, friendly cats I ran into.

Just awakened and groggy, Skoda, Sweet Pea and Grace. I love that picture. They'd roll around and fight for a minute then fall asleep in a pile a minute later.
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This was the best cat ever. I went to the shelter and they told me to sit down in a chair and he would come to me. He came around the corner, I said "Hey, Buddy!", he ran up, jumped up on me, climbed up, put his paws around my neck and started kissing me.  He was mine.  I named him Hey Buddy!

He had a heart problem the vet never saw and I only had him a couple years before it took him, but he was the sweetest, friendliest big palooka I ever met.

This photo was done by professional pet photographer David Sutton, nationally and internationally known for his work with pets and the people they own. His studio is in Evanston, IL. Call or write him for beautiful photos of you and your friends.  

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