there will be
and banjo 3 is invited. not sure what tunes you want to do....if everyone would email me asap with the 3 tunes they feel really good about and any you feel bad about playing, i will try to pick two that every or most everyone wants to do.
EMAIL ME at trainwatcher2@yahoo.com with BANJO3 in the subject line.
sorry for the delay but i just found out today myself.

Leadway Bar and Gallery 5233 N. Damen at 8 pm.

Kids are welcome, if accompanied by a responsible parent.

first suggestions....falls of richmond and greasy coat, or, needlecase and lulu. (trying to keep things in the same key)

Image of water.jpg
well.....the webpage is named water. i wish i knew
the story of this elaborate prank.  everybody got
dressed for picture day except for 12 of their
closest friends on the roof..

FALLS OF RICHMOND  played quietly and
without  gusto.  it's 1 a.m. and i don't want to
wake the grouchy fellow upstairs.
and yes i know, i screwed up the C part.
forgot some of the subtle nuances of what
i taught not 5 hours ago.
questions or issues, email
trainwatcher2   @   yahoo.com
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