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THE ORCHESTRA  for april 17 at the glendora ballroom

Gus Friedlander, on banjo, is the founder of this ten piece hot dance band, has played with the Swing Shift Orchestra, also leads the Whiskey Hollow Bluegrass Band and plays traditional Irish music.  He plays four and five string banjos, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, fiddle and bass and teaches these instruments in private lessons.  

Eric Koppa, alto saxophone, is a veteran on tenor sax of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, also played in the Swing Shift Orchestra, and is a charter member of the Prohibition Orchestra.

Juli Wood, tenor saxophone; is one of Chicago’s busiest up-and-coming jazzwomen, appeared at Chicago Jazz Festiival with Jody Christian as well as with Chicago area bands listed in this newsletter.

Kurt Bjorling, alto saxophone, plays clarinet in jazz bands and in Klezmer bands-Subbing for Fred Garcia

Peter Bartels, trumpet, charter member of Prohibition Orchestra, is a veteran of Dixieland bands and Alan Gresik’s Swing Shift Orchestra.  By day, he teaches music at Chicago Public Schools.

Nick Drozdoff, 2nd trumpet, teaches physics at New Trier HS.  He also teaches music clinics and master classes and has worked with many of the country’s top entertainers.

Dan  “Fuzzbone” Sniderman
, trombone, another founding member of Prohibition Orchestra,  is a veteran of the Big Swing Jazz Band, the Swing Shift Orchestra, the Déjà vu Big Band and the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band.  His bold, punchy style has led to a reputation as” Chicago’s most dangerous trombonist”!

Dan Merrigan, piano, works dance bands/ jazz combos and also plays the trumpet-Subbing for Peter Rumbold

Gary Schepers, tuba, is most well-known around Chicago for his work with the blues trio Devil in a Woodpile and is one of the city’s most in-demand live sound engineers.

Tim Mulvenna, drums, has a long resume that includes work with jazz musicians Fareed Haque, Fred Anderson, Richie Cole, in addition to performing with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and at many jazz festivals in US, Canada, South America.  

Gail Becker, vocalist,  is a member of the close harmony trio” 3Girls3”, and has worked with the Apollo Chorus of Chicago and musical theater productions around Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin.  She has appeared in most of Chicago’s cabarets and teaches voice.

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