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here is a LINK to tuning tones
and tuning instructions from
the inter web net.
here are MP3s of tuning tones
G low     D        A         E high
see big picture below for more general facts

here's     twinkle twinkle  & this old man
1234 mississippi is a river
 mississippi groundhog,   frere' jaques
 BOIL THEM CABBAGE . slow  .fast

.Soldiers joy fast    .  
   Molly Put the Kettle On slow fast
     JUMP JIM CROW   slow fast

here is the sound of the D scale
a guitar backup track to practice with

G scale    .    A scale

Image of fingerboard.jpg


 things to remember...
     long bow strokes using the
        middle 3/5ths of the bow.
                        bow, perpendicular to the strings,
                        about halfway between the end of
                        the fingerboard and halfway to the bridge
     right hand; no fist! relaxed and
     rounded, both hands.
            relaxed right arm! pretend you
            have a book under your arm
   left arm supports neck with relaxed, curved                 hand,near the peghead. wrist straight or
       slightly bent back.