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apr-may-jun 2010
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     roughly plucked for your
            tuning pleasure.
   G string
       D string
           A string
                  E string  (highest)
here is a link to a website with tuning instructions and longer tones.

see illustration below chicken.
   things to remember...
long bow strokes using the
         middle 3/5ths of the bow.

                         bow, perpendicular to the strings,
                         about halfway between the end of
                         the fingerboard and halfway to the bridge

      right hand; no fist! relaxed and
      rounded, both hands.

             relaxed right arm! pretend you
             have a book under your arm

    left arm supports neck with relaxed, curved                 hand,near the peghead. wrist straight or
        slightly bent back.
Image of chix.jpg

Image of fingerboard.jpg