thank you so much, my beautiful, talented kick-ass band.
once again, i heard nothing but compliments, raves, head-shaking amazement and stunned disbelief at how great we were. most people that gushed said we were the best or the one of the best things they'd seen at the fest.  like i said on stage, i am just a ragmop with an out of tune hello kitty guitar without all of your incredible talents.  thank you so much for again making my musical dreams come to life! ( i am not kidding ). lets play more!

 railroad runs through the middle of the house
special thanks to brian for recording us at rehearsal and the show!  elizabeth, safe travels. we will miss you. i will miss you.     as good as i promote, you might be back in time for the next gig!

Image of orchestrapic.jpg

the only picture so far with almost all of us in it

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