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Wild Goose Chase Cloggers
Trip to France, July-August 1996

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Wild Goose Chase Cloggers Homepage

It's been awhile since the trip. The once piquant memories have dimmed to a warm and sweet memory of one of the best trips of my life. Though some of the details have dribbled out of my brain over the years, looking at the pictures reminds me of them again so I hope I can caption densely enough to share it with you gentle readers.

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The Wild Goose Chase Cloggers
Oloron Ste. Marie

It was a fluke I got to go on the trip at all.  The Wild Goose Chasers are a Clogging Group from Minnesota. I knew a few people in the group, but was suprised when I got a phonecall  about going on the trip. France for a month, all expenses paid.
We were to be a part of a monthlong travelling festival, go by bus from place to place, perform any number of shows in a day, and end up at the big festival, where we would join dance groups from nations from around the world in a weeklong extravaganza.
Having tented at festivals in this country, I imagined a dusty cornfield with our dusty bus, sleeping on the floor, clothes hanging all over, like wild hippies.  I'm kind of a chicken about making big decisions, but at the end of my 3 day window, I accepted.  Thank goodness.