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jan-feb 2010
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     roughly plucked for your
            tuning pleasure.
   G string
       D string
           A string
                  E string  (highest)
here is a link to a website with tuning instructions and longer tones.
MP3s   D scale     G scale     A scale   D scale with bowing pattern.  

twinkle twinkle in D (once you get it in D, practice all 3 keys)

guitar backup for D scale, played slow. long rich bowstrokes. listen close and lock in to the rhythm. also do the 1 2 3 4 rhythm to this.
soldiers joy   A part  .  B part   ..   whole tune
   things to remember...
long bow strokes using the
         middle 3/5ths of the bow.

                         bow, perpendicular to the strings,
                         about halfway between the end of
                         the fingerboard and halfway to the bridge

      right hand; no fist! relaxed and
      rounded, both hands.

             relaxed right arm! pretend you
             have a book under your arm

    left arm supports neck with relaxed, curved                 hand,near the peghead. wrist straight or
        slightly bent back.

rhythm track.  try on all strings,
slow and even.
1     2     3      4  
1 & 2  & 3  & 4  &
1     2     3      4
1  & 2 & 3  & 4  &

see diagram below

mississippi groundhog
mississippi grasshopper

links, pictures, videos, how to hold the bow, different          ways to approach. just suggestions, not responsible for       editorial content. clicking will take you away from this page  unless you right click and pick "open in new window or tab". there's a lot of good info here. we will work more on bowing and everything next week!

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