By now, everyone knows the story of the Cubs, the curse, the goat, and the poor bespectacled, headphoned Steve Bartman who is blamed for everything..

Out of curiosity, I looked on ebay for t-shirts that celebrated the high and low points of the series, and found these. There are a lot of images, so leave a second so they can all load.

First, let's blame Steve Bartman, the unfortunate soul who saw a national league division title series ball heading for him, and look at this image to describe the feelings of most Cub fans at that moment. This is the only profanity on the page (except for all the scapegoating!)

Image of cubbies.gif

The most interesting thing is that there are all these people coming up with these things, printing them on shirts and having them on the street the next day.

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The Goat!
Here is the story, from a Miami station that was gloating about the Marlins wins...
"According to Chicago folklore, tavern owner "Billy Goat" Sianis used to bring a Billy goat to taunt opposing teams playing at Wrigley Field.

During Game Four of the 1945 World Series against the Detroit Tigers, Sianis showed up at Wrigley Field with two tickets and his goat, Murphy. When
ushers denied Murphy entry, Sianis laid a curse on the Cubs, saying Wrigley would never host another World Series. The Cubs lost the World Series that year and have not hosted one since."

So now, Steve Bartman is tied in with the curse.

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Some people reached out to forgive....

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And on the back, the full text of his apology to Cub fans....

Image of cubbartsupport2.jpg

Harry is, of course, the late, lovable lush Harry Carey, who may or may not have been so forgiving.

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