Lynn "Chirps" Smith and Dot Kent
        Traditional Old Time Music and Dance

Who we are, what we do, and what we sound like! (sound clips below!)

Old Time Fiddle Music has been played in dance halls, barns, kitchens, weddings and every other kind of event, for hundreds of years. The music is American, but influenced by every culture that came here, haunting and beautiful Irish, Scottish, French, Swedish melodies travelled with the settlers in the early days of America and changed and grew as people met hardship and joy, melded with the rhythms of Africa and the Caribbean and the influence of other cultures gave each regions music it's own sound and rhythm.
Lynn "Chirps" Smith is one of the foremost musicians, collectors and historians of the many different fiddle styles of North America as well as the origins, with a particular focus on the Midwest where he grew up.  He is well known in the world of Old Time Fiddle Music as a powerful fiddler and mandolin player and has played dances, concerts, festivals and other events for over 30 years, around the country and the world.
Dorothy "Dot" Kent embraces the same world from a different angle, by teaching and leading the traditional square, round, contra and partner dances that go with the music, involving everyone in whirling, joyous dances that have been handed down by families and communities for years. She is also an accomplished dancer and teacher of the art of "Clogging", or "Flatfooting", the rhythmic step dance that compliments the fiddle music.
Steve Rosen is a driving, tasteful accompaniment for Chirps, on banjo and guitar, complimenting the fluid drive of the fiddle with rock solid rhythms.
Our community of old-time stringband musicians is thick with talent, fiddlers, banjo, mandolin, guitar, ukelele, and have been playing together for years for events here and abroad.

If you're looking for the sound of traditional fiddle and stringband music for a dance, party, wedding, concert, library program, community gathering or any event, we can put together a great band for you.  The ideal setting for a dance is fiddle, banjo and guitar, with a caller who can lead any group, from beginners to seasoned barn dancers, as well as teaching clogging. It's great fun for all.
Any combination of musicians with the fiddle leading the way are available to suit your event.

Here's an short MP3 clip of the tune "Old Voile", with Chirps and Fred Campeau on fiddles, Steve Rosen on banjo, Paul Tyler on guitar and Tony Scarimbolo on bass. I will soon have more samples up to listen to.

Please contact us at Rosenbanjo @ to talk about your event.

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