Nail That Catfish T-Shirts are back, baby!
    plus VOLO BOGTROTTERS (RETRO) CASSETTES!  see details below shirts.

It's November of 2010 and i haven't pressed shirts in 5 years.  People have written. I have stalled. Now because of what I surely hope is "popular demand", I have ordered more.  Please let the popular demand flow my way!

3 colors, limited amounts of sizes and colors....see illustrations.

S,M,L,XL, $17.   XXL $18

priority postage 4.90 first,
each additional 2.00

paypal preffered, checks okay.

please email me at (remove spaces)
trainwatcher2   (at)

tell me what you need and i
will see if it's available and give
instructions for payment.

Here are the colors.
Image of catfish2.jpg

           my website?



S, M, L, XL, XXL
Image of cobblestone.jpg
stringband with vocal accompaniment.
Our well reviewed and loved 1997 recording,
available now in space-age cassette!

 $5 (free shipping if you get a shirt.)

no shirt? $7, post incl.


sizes S,M,L,XL
Image of bluespruce.jpg

sizes L, XL, XXL
Image of cactus.jpg
Image of cass.jpg