Nail That Catfish T-shirts!

The last bunch sold out in weeks, but you begged me
to make more.  4 or more years later, here they are,
just in time for your holiday shopping!

Two colors, "stonewashed green" and "khaki".
100 percent cotton, prewashed.
Shirts are $14 each, ($15 for XXL) plus $3 ea. shipping in the U.S..
(discounts on product and postage for large orders, email me)
Sizes, if all are still available when you see this....
Stonewashed green....S, M, L, XL, XXL
Khaki  M, L, XL, XXL.

To get one.......
specify how many, what color and size, remit
appropriate funds in check or money order and send to...

Steve Rosen
P.O.Box 578-276
Chicago, IL, 60657
(include your email address, in case of questions)

or call me and tell me to bring them someplace where we'll both be.

orders rec'd before the new year and after feb.
will be filled immediately,
orders in jan. and early feb. will be sent in late feb.

Image of catfish2.jpg
Green above, khaki below,
art not fully shown, texture of shirt misrepresented
by flatbed scanner.  Art on front of shirt.

Image of catfish1.jpg