Last summer, I met a man on the internet named "Roundbelly". He was an Australian country singer with whom I had many great conversations. We exchanged CDs of our respective works and formed a mutual admiration society. He said, sometime last fall that he would get me over to Oz to record on his next CD. I thought, "yeah, sure, whatever"....but Roundbelly is a man of his word and invited me to come over this April. It was a fine and memorable trip, and here are a few stories and a slide show I'd bore you with if you came to visit me in the 60s, but if you get bored here you can just go back to the "babenet" girly picture site that you came from!

It was a long plane ride from L.A. to Sydney, and a nightmarish un-airconditioned eternal wait to get through customs. Sydney airport was under construction and hard to get through with many officious people seeming to impede progress. I had nothing but trouble trying to get my mandolin and fiddle on to the plane at every stop. There was a chain of one could give me permission to bring on two carry-ons, and spent, no, wasted, a lot of time talking to pursers and studying my bags and poking and querying. The real kicker came as, on almost every flight, there was no shortage at all of overhead bin space.
I had been in contact with someone from Brisbane who I met on the Banjo-L discussion group, and he kindly volunteered to show me Brisbane on my 3 hour layover. He so kindly indulged me my odd picture taking urges, and actually liked trains, so the railway photos weren't too disagreeable. It is a pretty city of a million people. We drove around and saw some sights, then up to the top of Mount ?Archer??...with a stunning view of the city. What fascinated me were all the japanese tourists taking pictures of each other, so I shot a whole roll of them taking pictures. Here are two beautiful girls with brisbane as a backdrop.
A Kookaburra (?)